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May 31, 2022

2002 – 2022

On September 16, 2022, a totally re-recorded version of Nemo‘s first album, “Les nouveaux mondes“, will be released with the band’s most classic line-up of JB Itier, Lionel B Guichard, Guillaume Fontaine and JP Louveton.  The band, in a prolonged dormancy since 2015, recorded remotely, and the result gives a huge added value to these tracks that have not aged a bit.


The album will be available as a digipak CD (with 2 bonuses), as a High Resolution download, and later as a double vinyl.
Pre-orders for the CD version are open here:




April 20th, 2019

NEMO being in a extended sleep until an unknown date, you can continue the musical adventures with JPL, solo project
of Jean Pierre Louveton.

Time for writing music is back, stay tuned!!

Facebook - Site WebQuadrifonic - Bandcamp

JPL vector couleur degradé

August 14th, 2018

15 years after, here are the NEMO “Présages” again, in a new re-recorded version,
including a brand new 14 minutes epic track, “Le pire est avenir”.

Jean Pierre LOUVETON : Guitares / Voix
Guillaume FONTAINE : Claviers / Voix
Lionel B. GUICHARD : Basse
Jean Baptiste ITIER : Batterie


1. La dernière vague 14.12
2. Générateur 4.43
3. Sur la tombe du phénix 10.40
4. La mort du scorpion a) Soleil 1.20
5. La mort du scorpion b) L’oeil du cyclope 6.10
6. La mort du scorpion c) La mort du scorpion 7.42
7. Les nouvelles croisades 17.50
8. BONUS : Le pire est avenir 13.10

The album will be out November 12nd on CD Digipak with a 16 pages booklet, and in December in 2LP gatefold.
Preorder your copy to support the realisation of this project and your name will be written on the chosen medium :)

Thanks for your support!


March 21st, 2017

The new JPL (Jean Pierre Louveton) album is available!

Le livre blanc Quadri

CD : Quadrifonic.com
Digital HD : Bandcamp.com

Videos : https://youtu.be/IrfeIS_0asM


March 13th, 2016

Nemo will 1 concert in 2016!

Bandeau veruno

The band will temporarily get out of his Coma for 1 concert at 2 days prog + 1
on Sept 3rd, Veruno, Italy! Don’t miss it!

Aug 28th, 2016


The ninth (and maybe last) NEMO album is now out!

Thanks to everyone who have preordered it, you are many: 250 via quadrifonic.com, more than 350 with our partners Progressive Promotion Records, Justforkicks Music et Bandcamp!! It’s an absolute record, and that makes us wish that COMA will become our most popular album!

The CD versions are now available everywhere:


Digital version available on september 4th via Itunes

2 vinyls deluxe version on september 14th via quadronic.com




July 5th, 2015

More infos about the new album!

4 versions will be available:

  • Limited Digipak 2CD edition – Preorder – Out August 28
  • Standard 1CD edition – Preorder  – Out August 28
  • 2 vinyls super deluxe edition – Preorder  – Out mid September
  • Digital version available on Itunes and every other download shops  on September 4.

Vinyl version:
Coma vinyle

6 minutes sampler:


May 30, 2015


Here we go for NEMO ninth album presales!

The first 200 will have their name in the booklet (2CD Digipak with 5 bonus tracks) and will receive a signed copy!


2 versions available

2 CD Digipak including:

CD 1 “Coma”

01. Le coma des mortels 11.55
02. Train fantôme 9.08
03. Comaïne 6.04
04. St Guy 8.25
05. Tu n’es pas seul 7.56
06. Coma 12.40

CD 2 “Bonus”

01. Rat Bat Blue (Deep Purple cover)
02. Ten Years gone (Led Zeppelin cover)
“Dante’s divine comedy” Trilogy :
03. Six pieds sous terre
04. Entre deux rives
05. Sans voix

Standard 1 CD edition

We now think about a 2 vinyls version, and it will be the subject of a separated preorder campaign. We’ll  let you know! Please tell us if you would be interested!



- Out August 28, 2015
- Recorded and mixed by Mathias Chaumet & Jean Pierre Louveton
- Cover and artwork by Stan-W Decker
NEMO in concert on 09/05/2015 at QUADRIFONIC FESTIVAL with Lazuli, Enneade, Monnaie de Singe and Element V. Book your tickets!
Thanks for your support!


NEMO album

April 2015

Still breathing

One album, one concert, and then we go?

Bonjour à tous !

Everything said in the title. The latest news you had from us were about the break the band would take this year, for many reasons that are not the subject of this email. As said, we couldn’t go like this, without offering you our latest work… So that’s why we’re on the recording of our ninth album since February and until June. Still too soon to tell you more, except that the release date is definitively schedulded on August 31st, just one week before the:
Yes it’s true! We have decided to create the first festival exclusively dedicated to French Progressive Rock here, in the middle of France. Yes that’s a crazy challenge, especially because we won’t do half job, see the poster below, that I invite you to share the most possible!

We hope that this first edition will be a success, and by the way we invite you to book your tickets (and the local hot meal!) asap, for us to know before end of June if it’s a workable challenge.

That’s an exceptional occasion to see all of these rare bands together! We deliberately offer an affordable price (5 bands for 25 euros!!) to offer a sold-out venue to the bands and very good music to the largest number of people. And if the success is here, there will be more editions!

Thanks, and please share!!

JP, Guillaume, JB

Informations about the Festival:

Date : Saturday Sept 5th, 2015
Venue : Maison Pour Tous de Chadrac (France – 43)
Price: 25 euros (adult) 15 euros (- 16)
Meal: 10 euros per person, only with reservation
Order your tickets and reserve your meal: www.quadrifonic.com

Flyer recto

January 4th, 2015

Good or bad news first?

It had to happen. Why ? Because nothing lasts forever, because every good thing has an end, because to be deeply involved in music nowadays is getting harder ? Maybe all of this to tell the truth. In brief, it had to happen. But what ? Let’s start with the bad news, it’s better.

2015 will be the year when, after 15 years of fight to make our music known, Nemo will take a pause. Temporary ? Permanent ? Nobody knows it yet, and it will depend on a thousand parameters on which we don’t necessarily have the control. So let’s cry together, we who love this band and without whom life will inevitably be different. Our tears and hope will keep it alive and, who knows, maybe it will not have sank into oblivion if, with chance, it comes back to life in the future.

This was the bad news. We can talk about it if you wish. But there also are good ones that, if they don’t outshine the bad news, will make us forget it for a while.

First, it seems possible to reunite the band members for big opportunities, as festivals or important concerts. So if we receive such invitations it likely we’ll accept. Just a small death thus.

Second, we couldn’t go like this, without leaving a final mark. By chance the latest months of work with the band have allowed us to write our ninth album. The last one? Nobody knows it yet, and it will depend on a thousand parameters on which we don’t necessarily have the control. Anyway it will be recorded this year and will probably be out next autumn, which postpones a little the fatal term !

Third, every end is a beginning, and new projects will come to life. My collaboration with good friend Guillaume Fontaine doesn’t seem to end !

To finish, the wonderful welcome that my solo album MMXIV have received (it’s the first time that one of my side projects arouses such interest) will probably lead to the creation of a live band to play some of the music I recorded under the name of JPL during the 13 last years. Or even more…

Here is it, you probably are as sad as I am, but let’s go ahead without being dejected by such events, as hard as they are. And above all, go on supporting the bands you love, as you did with Nemo! All we have done, we succeded thanks to your unstinting support. In the meantime, let’s take advantage of this new year, waiting for this new album that – it’s the first time I say that – sounds a lot like our best.


PS: of course I’ll keep you aware of what’s going on next through our Facebook page


December 25th, 2014

Bonnes fêtes

To Nemo fans around the world, we thank each of you for your support and wish you a happy holiday season.






May 19 2014

2004 - Studio album

2004 – Studio album

Ten years after its first release, NEMO will reissue a remixed version of Prélude à la ruine, the third album of the band, on october 15th!

Listen to the track “Le monde à l’envers” on soundcloud
Preorder it at: www.quadrifonic.com




May 19 2014


The new Jean Pierre Louveton solo album will be out on June 30th!
Order it now at: www.quadrifonic.com






Listen to « Le dernier souffle de vent » with Dominique Leonetti (Lazuli):


April 6 2014

New 2014 collector T-Shirt, 100 pieces available.

2014 T-Shirt





Order your now here!


April 6 2014

Souvenir de Prog en Beauce. Dernier concert avec LB Guichard.


December 22nd, 2013

Let’s introduce Ollivier Long, new NEMO bass player!

Ollivier small
Professional musician, he started with Rock music before specializing in Jazz. He’s able to play everything on his instrument, and he decided to bring to the band the extent of his talent! Welcome!




November 3rd, 2013

The end of an era.

After 9 years of duty, sacrifice and wonderful moments shared in NEMO, Lionel B. Guichard now leaves the ship. We won’t detail the reasons, but let’s say that at this point of the story it couldn’t end differently. We wish him all happiness and success in the inevitably different life that awaits him now, and we know that he will stay forever in the heart of fans (and ours) the bass player in Si, Barbares, R€volu$ion and Le ver dans le fruit.


August 25, 2013


The new NEMO album is now available!


Order it here: www.quadrifonic.com or there: www.ppr-shop.de !
Say to the whole world if you like the album: the better wait to promote NEMO!


July 24th, 2013

Here is the new NEMO video! This is the track “Un pied dans la tombe” from the album “Le ver dans le fruit” available now for preorder at www.quadrifonic.com and www.ppr-shop.de. Enjoy!


June 28th, 2013

Let the propaganda begin!

Episode 1

Episode 2

Episode 3/4


June 3rd, 2013

Preorders for the new NEMO album are open!
Be in the 200 quickest persons and have your name in the booklet :)
All informations there: www.quadrifonic.com







May 2nd, 2013

Are we being manipulated?
Who would benefit from us, to follow pre-established rules? Careless. As sheeps.
Political parties? Religious organisations? Commercial companies? TV networks?
Beware of everything, even NEMO…


NEMO – Le ver dans le fruit (The worm in the fruit)

(2CD – 93 mn)
Release: early September 2013 at www.quadrifonic.com
(Fall September in dealers stores and mp3 downloads).


Tracklist :

Side A

01. Stipant Luporum 2.01
02. Trojan (Le ver dans le fruit) 8.53
03. Milgram, 1960 5.59
04. Verset XV 7.55
05. Un pied dans la tombe 7.11
06. Neuro-Market 6.34
07. Le fruit de la peur 9.43

Side B

01. A la une 5.08
02. Triste fable 7.46
03. Allah Deus 5.08
04. Opium 9.10
05. Arma Diania 17.19

Samples and cover will be available early June. A video of the track “Un pied dans la tombe” (One foot in the grave) will be available before the album release.
We will need your support!

JP, Gu, Yo, JB


April 1st, 2013

More informations about the next NEMO album!

Shedulded for next September, the new NEMO album will be…
… a double album!!

youpi youpi youpi

We wrote 12 track for an approximative duration of 93 mns.
What we can say now is that it will be: varied but coherent,
filled with music but not indigestible, daring but staying faithful to
our personal sound, and at the same time experimental and beautiful…

Trust us it is well worth the wait, we talk about the most ambitious
project of the band!

youpi youpi youpi

Another information: the cover will be designed by Stan-W. Decker,
artist with a growing fame whose work can be seen there:


March 4th, 2013

NEMO is actually recording the follower of R€volu$ion! The album should be out next September, more news in the coming weeks!


December 22nd, 2012

The new WOLFSPRING album is available!

Order your copy at: www.quadrifonic.com !

A full song:


October 6th, 2012

Listen to samples of the forthcoming WOLFSPRING second album!


October 2nd, 2012

The 2CD Digipak “Si partie 1 & 2” is now available! Order your copy there:

September 9th

David Zmyslowski quits the band. Thanks for the years spent with NEMO and good luck in your new musical works!


August 25th:

Si Partie I at least to be reissued! This album is still the reference for many NEMO fans, and is one of our best sellers. It is, since its first release, #1 in the progarchives charts for the year 2006.

It will be reissued in a beautiful Digipak also containing the sequel “Si Partie II”, allowing the two sides of the concept to be reunited, for the price of a single album!

Available on October 15th
Preorder your copy now!

Are we being manipulated?

Who would benefit from us, to follow pre-established rules? Careless. As sheeps.

Political parties? Religious organisations? Commercial companies? TV networks?

Beware of everything, even NEMO…